A new viral video hits TikTok as the viral mad TikTok couple who have suddenly become celebrities has caused a massive reactions online.

The body of their dead son was kept inside a piece of black polythene bag in a room where they allegedly perform their rituals as seen in the sad-trending video.

Empress Lupita who claims her son was killed by her enemies was filmed heavily cursing the people she strongly believes caused the death of her dear son.

According to her, she strongly believes that some evil people are behind her son’s mysterious death hence the God of Death should never forgive them. 

The revelation of their son stated that "My parents poisoned and buried my elder brother alive" – Son of Ghanaian viral ‘mentally challenged’ TikTok couple revealed. Complaints made by the boy clearly shows the said couple maltreated the boy.

Following the revelation that Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest lost touch with reality and sanity after losing two of their kids.

In an emotional interview with KOFI TV, their second child named El Saa revealed that his parents intentionally killed his elder brother their first son.

According to the 8-year-old boy El Saa, his parents( Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest) poisoned gari soakings for his late elder brother named El Waa to eat and later buried him alive because he refused to die.

In the course of the interview, he explained that while his elder brother was being dragged to the pitiful pit dug by his own father in their backyard to be buried, he cried and beged for mercy but Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest paid deaf ears to his pleas. Empress Lupita believed her son was a demon who can destroy Ghana if he lived. The couple confessed to the crime and have been arrested by Tema police.

Empress Lupita's younger sister who identified herself as Mary Adobea was granted an interview with Ghpage and dropped a bombshell. She said her sister was a hardcore party girl who changed when she met Godpapa The Greatest. She however couldn't keep up with her pretense of being a Christian. "I believe that they have joined a secret occult" she stated.

What is the world turning into? Who do we turn to if our family can do to us the unbelievable?

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