In the realm of post-divorce etiquette, it's not uncommon for individuals to revert to their maiden names or adopt a completely new identity.

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However, in the case of Pastor Love, the narrative takes an unexpected turn – his ex-wife Obaapa Christy continues to use his last name” LOVE”. 

Pastor Love revealed on Afro614 Radio/TV that his ex-wife still uses his last name in her passport and other documents that he acquired for her while they were married. 

 This unconventional choice raises eyebrows and sparks curiosity among listeners who can't help but wonder about the dynamics at play.

One might assume that the ties that bind through marriage would be swiftly severed with the finalization of divorce papers.

After all, divorce symbolizes the end of a legal and emotional partnership. So, why does Obaapa Christy choose to carry on with a name that technically no longer belongs to her?

Maybe for her, it's more than a matter of convenience or a simple reluctance to undergo the administrative hassle of a name change. Perhaps, it is a deliberate choice to maintain a connection to a significant chapter in her life. 

We come from a society where societal norms often dictate that divorced individuals should distance themselves from the remnants of their failed marriages, but this issue shows the ex-wife's choice challenges the status quo.

It's a silent assertion that divorce doesn't erase the past or negate the positive aspects of the relationship. Instead, it acknowledges that, for better or worse, we were once partners who faced life's challenges side by side.

Beyond the emotional aspect, there are practical considerations. The name change process involves substantial paperwork, updating identification documents, and notifying various institutions.

In choosing to retain his last name, Obaapa avoids these logistical hurdles, simplifying her post-divorce life in a way that aligns with her preferences.

Pastor Love also had a lot more to add concerning his life after the divorce and his interest in remarrying during his interview on Afro614 Radio/TV. Click on the link below to watch the full interview. Let's hear from you by commenting and sharing!