About Afro614 Multimedia


To provide a multi-media platform that consists of Radio, Television, and Events organizations for the entire community. 


Afro 614 Multimedia wants to be a leader in the media, events, and networking, to create feasible opportunities for immigrant communities.

Measurable Goals and Feasibility

Afro 614 Multimedia's paramount goal is to provide, effective, efficient, and customer-focused solutions 

Our goal is to establish a solid target market in Columbus and the Mid-West as a whole 

To understand our client base and what they want, knowing the market.

To provide not only a platform but an innovative one. 

To run a business that will succeed in revenue and size and have a landmark impact locally and nationally

We have summarized our objectives with a few letters as SMART objectives 

SPECIFIC: To provide an essential Radio, Television and Event organization with the sole purpose of quality services 

MEASURABLE: To place paramount importance on quality services 

ATTAINABLE: To position AFRO 614 MULTIMEDIA as a leading Multimedia brand. 

REALISTIC: Progress the participating business' revenue by around 25% in 2 years through efficient management and Funding.

TIMELY: The Media's objective is projected concurrently with the running of this Multi-media.

Provide all kind of it service

Online radio 24/7

Most professional Presenters

We provide all Media Services