Harriet Naa Akleh a popular Kumawood actress, Auntie Bee has revealed why she might give marriage another chance. She said marriage is good but not worth dying for. Speaking in a recent interview on Accra FM on July 6 2023, with Nana Romeo, Auntie Bee1 bemoaned that marriage is a good thing if only you marry the right person. She was however quick to add that if you marry the wrong person, you will be miserable in your marriage. She also advised single women not to be too desperate about getting married. The Efiewura star further explained that she has seen most women rush into marriage only to suffer. Auntie B also made it clear, she has enough experience with men to know how each man taste in terms of the size of their joystick. She further explained that if given the chance to date or marry popular football star Asamoah Gyan she would jump at the offer. In the course of an interview with Nana Romeo,Auntie Bee wildly alleged that she has slept with Asamoah Gyan.You may recall that in March this year, she confessed her obsession with the retired Ghana International disclosing she’s madly in love with and wouldn’t mind marrying him if he ever proposed. Although she’s much older than Asamoah, she emphasized during an interview that she’ll be the happiest woman in the world if Asamoah Gyan concurs to share a bed with her. She fantasized about how heavily the former captain is endowed in the groin region and how it makes her yearn for him anytime she sees him dancing on the pitch anytime he scores a goal. It appears Auntie Bee’s confessions are not just empty statements but some type of fantasy she may want to fulfill. In yet another fresh interview, she made a jaw-dropping revelation about her love giving a tall list of all the men she’s been intimate with. According to her, she has seen and tasted the manhood of these men in different sizes. She describes her relationship with Asamoah Gyan as unmatched. In a near-comic remark, she said she had “tasted all there is from super small to super big” so much so that “if, naturally, the act [sex] was done through the mouth, I’d have lost all my teeth by now.”  She clarified that, “It’s not like I double date or I am promiscuous but I have tasted it all before so if I am not yet married, I won’t kill myself." She intimated that she knows how to handle marriage and “pamper a man to get pampering from same”. She urged her fellow women to do same. In a 2019 Delay Show interview, Auntie B revealed she once dated the comic legend Santo for six solid years although Santo was married at the time. He died at 67 in 2002. May his soul rest in peace.

This shocking revelation has sparked a lot of reactions online. Could this be true or her own way of causing a stir on social media?? Either way, information w) wiase 😂. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section 😜