Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay who is a media personality, entrepreneur, Women's Advocate and more comes under the  criticism of Ghanaians after a video from her production company surfaced online.

Some white men were seen at the factory producing Delay Sardines in the video.
Some were filling the sardines and flying them over to others for packaging.
Reacting to the video, one gentleman asked Delay if her factory is in Ghana, and why she has employed only white men to work for her.
 Delay however did not take the question lightly, she rather fired at the young man.
Delay noted that, the young man has not given her any capital to set up a business so he doesn’t have the right to question her.
Whilst some social media users believe it was a legitimate question, others claim the guy should have just minded his business!

Comments from social media users who backed Delay for what she did.

*if I was her even my toilet 🚻 clean self will be white man because some of we the black ⚫️ are soo wicked
*That is good n wise... like by now Ghanaians have collapse the company....well done delay.
*very very well done delay the PULL him down is too much in Ghana.
*Ghana man will collapse her work by stealing ad will be gossiping about everything on sight over there
*go n do research about company's that has collapse cos of corrupt Ghanaians
*Ghanaians are thieves and I totally support Delay in Employing Whites. Amoako Attah just confirmed how his ministry is full of thieves . He sacks garbage only for garbage to come in.
*Garbage out garbage in.

Comments from social media users who refused to side with Delay.

*I see nothing wrong with what the man asked. We all have been advocating for Ghanaians getting employed by our own. Delay herself has been expressing worries about the unemployed state of the country. So y not Ghanaians but white????? I know her reason is because of the unfaithful attitude of Ghanaians, but the question is will she pay Ghanaians as the same as she pays the white????? 
*if GFA pays the foreign coaches and the local coaches the same salaries, i think Delay would do the same
*we complain of unemployment, we the same people praise other for employing foreigners.... the government cannot employ every one, the private companies has a role to play in this , all of you saying we Ghanaians are thief's and collapse her company don't forget you are also a Ghanaian so you are part of the thief's 😂😂😂😂😂
*I always use this SARDINES but I don't know who owns the factory and where it comes from, but today I got to know that the owner of this SARDINES belong to this ASHAWO and stupid Girl
*Shame to the Delay
*madam the person didn't say anything wrong it's jxt a question asked and don't forget it's the same Ghanaians who are buying your products


Wahala never ceases to finish oo. What is your take on this matter? Should the guy have minded his business?? Or should Delay have been a little lenient with him??? Was Delay right???
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