Abigail Asare 18, a second year student of Nsutam has was allegedly stabbed by her boyfriend. Abigail visited her boyfriend, Emeka, on June 1 after a mid-term break. Her lifeless body was found by a customer who went to Emeka's barbering salon for a haircut. Her body was found with a deep cut wound on the head. An alarm was raised by the customer and the matter, reported to the police for further investigation. The police sent the body to Kyebi Hospital for preservation. Emeka is currently on the run. Management of New Nsutam Senior Technical School has refused to say anything about the incident. 

A 24year old Nana Ama Clark who was a level 300 marketing student at the Cape Coast Technical University was allegedly killed by her supposed boyfriend for rituals. She was found dead at Ola Estate in Cape Coast with her private parts cut off. The suspect, Nicholas Ato Bronk Taylor was arrested and remanded by Cape Coast Circuit Court after investigation made. He was arraigned on Monday, May 16 2022. He was again remanded into police custody to reappear on May 31,2022 at the Cape Coast District Court.

Yaa Linda was a 31 year old teacher at Gomoa Ejumako D/A primary school. She met her untimely death on March 11,2022. Isaac Kwesi Kyemenu Sarsah reportedly pounced on her and strangled her to death. The family of Linda said she was pronounced dead few moment later when she was sent to the hospital. The family also added that, the suspect has been issuing threats against the woman and beating her up. 

Emmanuel Okyere has allegedly stabbed his wife without hesitation after he vowed in the church to love, protect and cherish her till death do them apart.

This occured in August 6,2021 at Bibiani. According to police investigation, the 26 year old Joyce decided to divorce her husband after myriad of misunderstandings. After countless apologies from the man, he promised to turn a new leaf. The woman however insisted to walk away. She then left and moved into her parent's home. On the day of the incident, the deceased husband went to the lady's home when the deceased was the only one around. He attacker her wife knife and stabbed her five times.

On November 22,2021, Frank was said to have murdered his girlfriend at Ho Fiave in the volta region. Her body was kept in a refrigerator. Residents who discovered the dead body after forcing themselves into the room of the Frank after houseflies hovering around his door and window with a bad stench on the environment.