Eunice Dwumfour, the Councilwoman in Sayreville New Jersey was killed in her car around her home. The suspect who was arrested is her church member.

Eunice Dwumfour aged 30 was the first black elected into office in Sayreville,N.J. 

Ms Dwumfour’s family hails from Ghana. She has a 11year old daughter and got married last year to a leader of her church. The Champions Royal Assembly is a congregation based in Nigeria according to messages she and her husband, Eze Kings, posted on Facebook.

She graduated from Newark public schools and bagged a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies from William Paterson University of New Jersey in 2017. 

According to her LinkedIn profile which was active at the time of her death depicted a rich career of being business analyst and professional scrum master, a type of project manager.

Ms. Dwumfour a Republican was in her first three-year term as a Sayreville councilwoman at the time of her death. She was the first Black person ever elected to office in Sayreville.

The authorities said she was shot while she was in her car outside the complex of apartment buildings and duplexes where she lived in Parlin just before 7:30 p.m. on February 1, 2023.

She was found dead by the police after responding to a distress call by neighbours. She was found dead at the scene with several gunshot wounds authorities confirmed.

Ms.Yolanda Ciccone the procedure did not offer any motive for the killing. She said, "The case was still under investigation and will not comment further on the case.

Police investigation points to Rashid Ali Bynum, a 28 year old Virginian, of Portsmouth, Va. He was taken into custody in Chesapeake City, Va., Tuesday morning and was awaiting extradition. Ms. Yolanda confirmed. She added that Mr. Bynum was charged with first-degree murder and found with two weapons.

 Evidence uncovered by investigators indicated that the two knew each other. The suspect Rashid Ali Bynum and the late Eunice Dwumfour knew each other.

According to Ms. Ciccone. Ms. Dwumfour, had a number associated with Mr. Bynum listed in her cellphone contacts as “FCF,” an abbreviation for Fire Congress Fellowship which is affiliated with Ms. Dwumfour’s church, Champions Royal Assembly in Newark.

Yolanda disclosed that Bynum on the day of the shooting allegedly searched online for information on the church of the deceased and the Sayreville area. She also disclosed that in the days before the murder, Bynum again searched online for what magazines were compatible with a specific handgun.

 Rashid's physical description fell into perfect description made by a witness of the suspect at the scene. This is a complex extensive case Ciccone disclosed. We will keep you updated as the investigation goes on.